Veterinary Oxygen Concentrators – For Veterinary Medicine

The ON2 Oxygen Concentrator (OC) is specifically engineered for medical oxygen gas generation. ON2 is now able to offer compact OC Systems that are specifically designed for Veterinary Medicine. The V-Series Oxygen Concentrators can produce from 10 to 60 litres/min of 95% oxygen (+/-1%). Oxygen Concentrators have proven to offer unmatched reliability and operating efficiency for over 25 years. Our Veterinary Systems are able to provide an immediate reduction in oxygen costs and eliminate exposure to future increases due to increased usage or supplier price hikes. Our Veterinary Concentrator systems will provide the same reliability of our full-size hospital models, but their compact size and mobility make them the perfect SOLUTION for Veterinary use. As part of our commitment to Veterinary Medicine, ON2 has established Operation Rescue to help support local Animal Rescues.


  • Never run out of oxygen again!
  • A lower cost of supply
  • Inflation proof
  • Independent of bulk gas suppliers
  • No facility or transportation charges
  • No waiting for critical deliveries
  • Increased safety inherent in design
  • Automatic operation: only runs when oxygen is being used
  • Eliminates the need for monitoring oxygen supply
  • A secure and dependable gas supply source
  • Technicians with over 40 years of experience
  • Costs less than 50 cents/day to operate
  • 24/7 on call support services
  • Simple to operate and maintain
  • Plug in, hook up, and turn on
  • Built to last with brass fittings and steel construction
  • Compact design to fit in any facility layout
  • Backup cylinder available for power outrages or unforeseen demand
  • Easily moved to where you need it and always available when you need it
OC – 1V & 4V
OUTPUT PURITY 95% pure oxygen (+/-1%)
OPERATING FLOW 10LPM (OC-1V) or 20LPM (OC-4V) / @ 50 psi delivery pressure
OXYGEN PURITY INDICATOR 1 per concentrator (OC-4V is a dual system)
STORAGE TANK 30 gallon ASME rated c/w CRN

o   low oxygen %

o   concentrator malfunction

shut down OC
DIMENSIONS OC-1V – W 16” X H 52” X L 52” / OC-4V – W 30” X H 73.5” X L 21.5”
WEIGHT OC-1V / 300 lbs. OC-4V / 420 lbs.
SOUND 60dBA @ 1 metre


QUANTITY 1 per concentrator (note: OC-4V is a dual system)
CONTROLS At O2 less than 90%

·      isolate the concentrator from the storage tank

·      purge for up to 8 minutes to improve purity

·      alarm and shut down OC

7746 ON2 wave trim

Gold Seal Standard


Our Gold Seal Standard ensures a Higher Quality Product by ensuring…

Gold Seal Standard-WEB

ON2 Concentrator components must be “Best in Class”; Only Reputable Companies who supply products that stand the test of time and have replacement parts that are consistently and readily available

All ON2 Oxygen Concentrator components must be CRN Approved and/or meet CSA Electrical

Cost is always important but not at the sacrifice of Efficiency, Reliability, and Longevity

All ON2 Oxygen Concentrators are built to stringent CSA Standards

ON2 Installation and Service Technicians are highly trained with over 40 years of combined experience in the Manufacturing and Support of Oxygen Concentrators