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Who We Are

ON2 Solutions designs, manufactures, installs and services custom on-site oxygen and nitrogen generators and concentrators for medical and industrial use. We also build a complete mine refuge system designed to provide a breathable air supply in the event of an underground mining emergency. The “TommyKnocker” and award-winning Refuge One Air Centre provide a safe haven with a source of re-breathable air until rescuers arrive.

ON2 Solutions purchased the RANA Care Group Manufacturing Division and we are committed to providing the same quality service and product that RANA is currently the worldwide leading provider of in North America, with systems installed in over 25 countries worldwide. RANA earned its reputation as an on-site application specialist in the acute care hospital industry. Our mission is to continue to excel in providing solutions for this industry and explore NEW applications and SOLUTIONS!


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Earl Gardiner, RANA, CEO/Founder & Jim Duff, ON2 Solutions, General Manager/Co-Founder.


Over 25 years ago in Morden Manitoba I founded RANA, a manufacturing business that introduced hospital oxygen concentrator technology to North America. Nine years later, RANA branched into the home care aspect of oxygen generation and dramatically expanded that business over the next decade.

It became increasingly difficult to focus time and money into two distinctly different businesses, and with emotion set aside, I felt strongly that the best decision was to sell the RANA Manufacturing division. I believe this decision will enable the business of On-site Gas Generation the opportunity to grow, expand into new markets, and embrace new technologies the way I had envisioned it would.

I am pleased to announce that we have sold the RANA Manufacturing division to another Morden based company, ON2 Solutions. ON2 Solutions will be taking over the sales and operation of the RANA manufacturing facility and our long term RANA Service Technicians, Steve Terichow and Dan Yager, will continue to play an important role in providing customers with exceptional support and service. Rana Manufacturing is in good hands with ON2 Solutions’ Leadership Team who has extensive experience within the industrial service industry across Canada.

Since 1987 on-site oxygen units have saved Canadian hospitals millions of dollars and this is something that RANA is very proud of. However, without the foresight and risk taking of our early hospital customers, we would never have been able to introduce this new technology to North America and have the impact we did. We would like to thank our customers and partners for all of the support and we hope that you will continue in that same spirit with ON2 Solutions. I can say with extreme confidence that the new company will provide equally as good of service as we did and I know they are anxious and committed to investing in this business to ensure they can meet the needs of both existing and new customers for many years to come.

About Us


To be known worldwide as a supplier of innovative, leading-edge technologies and equipment for medical, industrial, and mining facilities.


We are applications specialists for on site gas systems that generate savings in gas storage and production; we are leaders in the development of mine refuge systems that secure miners safety.


– Genuine concern for our customers and striving to meet their needs – Demonstrating respect and fairness in all that we do – Commitment to the safety of customers and staff – Being timely in responding to our customers requests
– Trust, respect and honesty – Partnerships with customers and market leading suppliers to achieve cost effective solutions to needs – A work environment that promotes kindness and understanding – Providing staff with challenging and rewarding work
– Fostering an environment of innovation and continuous learning – Commitment to offer technologically superior products – Promoting professional and excellence – Seeking improved methods to achieve improved outcomes
– Being honest and ethical in all activities – Being timely in completing tasks – A commitment to seeking solutions – Offering unsurpassed service and after sales support – Respectful use of resources to ensure ongoing sustainability.
– Valuing the contributions of each staff member – Supporting each other is service delivery – The open exchange of ideas, knowledge and experience – Co-existence of work and fun in the workplace

Finding New Solutions

ON2 is committed to researching and developing new Customized SOLUTIONS to better serve our customer’s needs. We are continuously seeking new cost effective Gold Seal Standard quality products and innovative technologies.


The ON2 Oxygen Concentrator is based on the same reliable technology that was pioneered almost 30 years ago, and provides you with complete independence from gas company supply and charges. Systems installed 25 years ago are still in operation today! ON2 offers 24/7 support from service technicians that have over 40 years of combined experience with installation, service, and troubleshooting expertise.

ON2 continues the Research and Development of our line of Concentrators. We continuously examine the systems components seeking Gold Seal Standard products and more cost effective technology to improve the performance while making the systems even more affordable. ON2 has also developed a line of Mobile Containerized SOLUTIONS for Medical, Emergency and Disaster Relief scenarios.

We are currently Researching and Developing the following NEW SOLUTIONS:

ON2 Oxygen Concentrators (OC)

  • Options available for Oxygen Analysis to reduce the overall cost of the system without sacrificing quality or reliability
  • Best in class air compressors with a worldwide presence for faster service and support
  • Remote paging and monitoring options to allow maintenance staff to more effectively monitor the system performance
  • A small concentrator system that provides on-site gas generation for Animal Care Applications: OC-1 – 10LPM
  • Ozone Sterilization for hospitals using the OC-1 platform
  • Expanded Product Line for Medical Applications (beyond OC-15, 35, 55)

OC-3 – 10LPM          OC-43 – 175LPM

OC-6 – 20LPM          OC-73 – 280LPM

OC-11 – 40LPM        OC-90 – 300LPM

OC-20 – 80LPM        OC-130 – 515LPM

Remote Oxygen Concentrator Systems (ROCS)

  • Medical ROCS provides a remote on-site gas solution for hospitals with building constraints
  • Can also be used to provide space for a Cylinder Filling Station, making the hospital completely independent of gas supply companies.
  • Disaster Relief ROCS works in combination with a Disaster Recovery Centre
  • Custom programmed PLC will start up OC system, regardless of the climate or environment.
  • Emergency ROCS can be deployed at the emergency scene and provide Oxygen within 60minutes of a cold start.
  • Onboard diesel generator powers OC System independent of external supply

ON2 Solutions is committed to providing reliable and cost effective Oxygen Concentrator System SOLUTIONS for Medical Applications.

When you’re thinking On-Site Gas Generation, think ON2!


ON2 continues their commitment to the same reliable National and International Award winning technology that RANA Pioneered over 30 years ago.

ON2 is researching and developing innovative and cost effective SOLUTIONS to enhance Mine Refuge functionality, capability, cost, and comfort.

We are currently Researching and Developing the following SOLUTIONS:

ON2 Refuge One Air Centre 2.0 (RO2)

  • Modular space saving design
  • Removable battery compartment
  • Built-in CO2 and CO detectors/alarms
  • Easy to use Sodalime cartridges for CO2 extraction
  • A choice between an Air Centre cartridge or a wall mounted unit for CO reduction
  • Automatic operation based on CO2 levels to provide even longer battery life
  • Modular design enables the Air Centre to be used in both a refuge chamber and a TommyKnocker

ON2 TommyKnocker 2.0 (TK2)

  • 24VDC A/C units eliminate the need for costly inverter & extra batteries
  • Significantly expanded battery life with 96-hour capacity
  • Constant positive air pressure inside the chamber to eliminate any ingress of toxic gases
  • Redesign of internal layout to provide more space and comfort for the miners
  • Innovative solutions for sleeping
  • Dimmable LED lighting to allow for sleeping without turning off all lights
  • Crush rated chambers for specific mine safety requirements
  • External battery and Oxygen tank compartments

ON2 Solutions is committed to providing reliable and cost effective safety SOLUTIONS for the mining industry. You can count on ON2 to provide you with a system that will fit your safety program AND your budget.

When you’re thinking MINE REFUGE, think ON2!

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Gold Seal Standard


Our Gold Seal Standard ensures a Higher Quality Product by ensuring…

Gold Seal Standard-WEB

ON2 Concentrator components must be “Best in Class”; Only Reputable Companies who supply products that stand the test of time and have replacement parts that are consistently and readily available

All ON2 Oxygen Concentrator components must be CRN Approved and/or meet CSA Electrical

Cost is always important but not at the sacrifice of Efficiency, Reliability, and Longevity

All ON2 Oxygen Concentrators are built to stringent CSA Standards

ON2 Installation and Service Technicians are highly trained with over 40 years of combined experience in the Manufacturing and Support of Oxygen Concentrators